Welcome to the first step in discovering the deep sense of purpose that unfolds by systematically participating in the yogic lifestyle, and leading others to do the same. YOGA LOVE 200-Hour Teacher Training strives to establish a deep-seated foundation, acting as a springboard to catapult your practice to new heights.  Your skill set will expand, deepen, and guide the way to developing harmony in the body, mind, spirit and environment.  Upon completion of the program, leave feeling confident, connected and changed for the better.

YOGA LOVE 200-Hour Teacher Training will focus on the Vinyasa Flow discipline.  Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga characterized by moving from one posture to another, seamlessly, linking each movement to the breath.  Trainees will participate in and create their own Vinyasa Flow Yoga style class, while experiencing the benefits of connecting the breath with movement.  This connection allows trainees to enter a moving meditative state, which can act as a catalyst for quieting the mind and calming the central nervous system.  Since Vinyasa Flow Yoga is dynamic, trainees will also have the opportunity to explore and celebrate the creativity within.

Whether your goal is to share yoga by becoming a certified instructor, or to simply discover new depths within your own practice, YOGA LOVE 200-Hour Teacher Training is both a comprehensive professional training program and a powerful personal development course.  Our complete certification programs are designed to empower, nurture, and support you on your yogic journey.  

* As a kindness to oneself, students must have two years of regular yoga practice as a prerequisite for this course.  

YOGA LOVE Sample Schedule Week 3 

This is week 3 of a sample 8-week program.  Times & days may vary depending on the needs of your training.