The 300-hour Yoga Love Training program strives to deepen and expand both knowledge and actual experience within the yogic lifestyle realm. Possessing a comprehensive curriculum from philosophy to anatomy, teaching methodology to practicum, and history to ethics, this program emphasizes three themes throughout:

First, trainees will participate in and create their own Vinyasa Flow Yoga style class. The importance of linking the breath with movement will be established as the main focal point, cultivating awareness and presence. Trainees will experience for themselves how the physical practice of yoga can act as a spiritual doorway. This doorway accesses deeper levels of the mind, where stillness is pervasive. Vinyasa Flow is also dynamic and FUN, giving trainees the freedom to move intuitively, while exploring and growing into their own Truth at their own pace.

Second, the Ashtanga Primary Series will serve as the foundation in which asana adjustments are learned, performed and discussed. Trainees will not only learn the importance of proper alignment and appropriate adjustments; they will also have the opportunity to practice their adjusting knowledge during Ashtanga-led classes at pace. 

Third, the Ishayas’ Ascension will be taught and practiced as the training’s primary method of meditation. Based on Praise, Gratitude and Love, these simple techniques cut through our problem-oriented thinking and redirect our attention to the deepest Truth of our Being. By connecting to the STILLNESS within, we move beyond our constant searching habits and discover great depths of lasting peace, contentment, and serenity. By decreasing stress and increasing JOY, heart and mind come into alignment revealing the always, already-present Reality of Self-Realization. 

With the exception of the present time, the most recent history of Ascension’s revival occurred in India over 2500 years ago.  A young man named Shankaracharya rediscovered the principles of Ascension, and founded the four major schools, or Mathas (place of study), that still exist in the four corners of India.  In the north, it is Badrinath.  In the south, it is Sringeri.  In the east, it is Jagannatha Puri.  In the west, it is Dwarka.  Shankaracharya taught in the north, where all successive Teachers to this day have been given the honorary title of Shankaracharya (Adi Shankaracharya was an Indian philosopher and theologian who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta). 

Yoga Love welcomes you!

YOGA LOVE Sample Schedule Week 2 

This is week 2 of a sample 4-week program.  Times & days may vary depending on the needs of your training